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Medals and Reliefs Gallery by Sculptor Barry Woods Johnston

People are drawn back to Johnston works over and over again for the same reason that opera aficionados might spend a lifetime comparing performances of La Traviata. The enduring value of great art is that there is always something more to see. - Steve Mirabella, Art Critic
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"Millennium 2000", 1999  3" Bronze Medal 

This medal is designed to stimulate reflection by looking at the relationship of "conscience and consciousness." The obverse side, "conscience," is represented by a female figure nurturing the core of her being, her inner world. From her center is born a deep inner knowing or conscience, where lies the heart of human awareness. This circle, also representing the earth, becomes a portal to the reverse side of the medal which addresses "consciousness" -- a greater awareness of our responsibilities to ourselves, others, and the world about us.

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"Nurtured Nurturer", 1994 3" Bronze Medal 
A two sided medal of a Mother and child. After seeing the sensual female figure, the reverse side surprises the viewer with a loving mother embracing her child. This affordable gift is perfect for Mother's Day and for recognition of motherhood and childbirth.
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"Golden Voice Award", 1993 3" Bronze Medal 
The Baltimore Opera Company gives out this award annually to patrons who have made exceptional contribution to the Opera world in Baltimore.  
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"Carlos Bergunzi Award", 1993 12" Bronze 
This 12" medal honors the tenor, Carlos Bergunzi, after his week of performances with the Baltimore Opera Company.
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"Letelier-Moffitt", 1991 3" Bronze Medal 
This medal is given out annually by the Institute of Policy Studies as the "Human Rights Award" to noted human rights activist around the world.
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"Universal Judgement", 1971 52"x 34" Bronze relief 
Inspired by Michelangelo's Universal Judgement, this work, instead of circular in motif as is the Vatican's, is in the shape of the cross. Figures are being pulled upward and downward away from the central group disciples and believers surrounding the central figure of Christ.
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"Attempted Rescue", 2001 39"x 54" To be cast in bronze 
This work depicts two figures who are caught between the crushing walls of collapsing structures, one climber attempting to pull a fallen comrade up out of the crevasse while reaching for aid from the outside world. This concept evokes the September 11 attempt to save the victims of the tragic collapse of the Twin World Trade Center Towers.
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Bronze Sculptures
"Olympia Orchestra", 2004 8"x534" To be cast in bronze 

Orpheus, in the center, the greatest poet and musician ever lived, conducts the orchestra.   From the left center, Zeus the main God of Olympus plays on the drum with his lightning. Pan was well known as a musician, plays his double flute. Although he was well known for another ability, he could scream so strong that it terrified everybody. Linus plays a string instrument. Four forest nymphs are playing the trumpets. Hymen, son of Calliope, the God of the Wedding Feast, plays the tambourine. From the right center, Hera Zeusís wife, plays drums. Marsyas, the satire, plays the flute thrown away by Athene. Artemis Apolloís twin sister. She plays harp. Poseidon the ruler of the sea, Zeusís brother, plays the horn. Four sirens are playing the trumpets. Eurydice, Orpheusís wife, plays the cymbals.

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"The Four Apocalyptic Horses", 1985 Bronze Relief

A dynamic depiction of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse riding towards a modern city on the horizon, seemingly in flames.  A sense of immediacy and terror are conveyed by the unusual perspective and the vigor of the figures.

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"Global Madness", 1988 Bronze Relief
Although this is a serious piece, it congers an awareness of the cause and effects of war in history. Much like Picassoís "Querica," it depicts the destruction of innocence resulting from the utter mindlessness and inhumanity of war. Spears penetrate the circle of global unity, thrusting inward toward the center while its fringes are ripped apart. This inward thrust of aggression creates a critical mass at the center, igniting an outward explosion.
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"Cathedral Rock", 1998 Bronze Relief
A bas-relief of a famous landmark in Sedona, Arizona.


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"Wailing Wall", 1984 Marble Relief
A mourning figure in profound grief fuses into a solid wall of his own despair.



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