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Mythological Themes Gallery by Sculptor Barry Woods Johnston

“Johnston’s sculpture presents a positive view of humanity akin to the classical masters. His figures display finely modeled surfaces with well-defined musculature and clear anatomical structure. Yet they incorporate a fresh, modern quality of design that speaks to the present.”– Rolly T. Strauss, founding editor of Sculptors International magazine

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"Orpheus and the Underworld" 1998 Bronze 30"x 32"x 8", Ed 20
Orpheus, god of music, fell in love with a mortal, Eurydice, who died and thus went into the underworld, ruled by Hades. Orpheus traveled everywhere searching for her and, when he found her, charmed Hades with his music, negotiating her release. Hades agreed on the one condition: that Orpheus not look back. It was a long arduous walk and Orpheus led the way.   Once he was safely out, unable to restrain himself any longer, he turned around to make sure she had followed. Tragically, Eurydice was not quite out and, due to his curiosity, she was pulled back into the underworld, lost to him forever. 
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"Olympia Orchestra", 2004 54" wide and 8" high, To be cast in bronze 
Orpheus, in the center, the greatest poet and musician ever lived, conducts the orchestra.  From the left center, Zeus the main God of Olympus plays on the drum with his lightning. Pan was well known as a musician, plays his double flute. Although he was well known for another ability, he could scream so strong that it terrified everybody. Linus plays a string instrument. Four forest nymphs are playing the trumpets. Hymen, son of Calliope, the God of the Wedding Feast, plays the tambourine. From the right center, Hera Zeus’s wife, plays drums. Marsyas, the satire, plays the flute thrown away by Athene. Artemis Apollo’s twin sister. She plays harp. Poseidon the ruler of the sea, Zeus’s brother, plays the horn. Four sirens are playing the trumpets. Eurydice, Orpheus’s wife, plays the cymbals.
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"Psyche and Cupid", 1984 22" high and 70" high, Bronze 
The sculpture captures a dramatic moment in the Greek tale of Psyche and Cupid. The god Cupid fell in love with the most beautiful mortal on Earth, Psyche. Cupid's mother, Aphrodite, was against her son mingling with a mortal but rather than forbidding them being together, she forbad Psyche from looking upon Cupid in the light. Psyche, unable to restrain herself, devised a way to look upon the divine body of her beloved. When Aphrodite found out, Psyche was banished and suffered through great trials in search of her love. Because of her great devotion to Cupid, Aphrodite finally consented to their reunion, and Psyche, too, became immortal.
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"Faust II", 1995 17" x 16" x 7.5" Bronze 
The artist reworked his original Faust; this time, clawing hands reach for him from the Underworld. The patina suggests the fires of hell and the cold pain of the burden of his realization of damnation, having sold his sold his soul for wealth and power.
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"Whipping Up Spring", 1998 17" x 16" x 7.5" Bronze 
Captures the abandoned frenzy and merriment of a folk dance. The Three Graces swirl around in circles, creating a colorful tornado of flowers.
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"Dolphin Boys", 2001 17" x 16" x 7.5" Bronze 
Playfully living out their fantasy, these boys ride the magnificent energy of dolphins under the loving care of their mother.
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