Barry Woods Johnston

Cathedral Roak - Bronze sculpture by Barry Johnston

Cathedral Rock

1998, Bronze, 10" x 23", Edition 20

Bas-relief of a famous landmark in Sedona, Arizona.  Makes a fascinating wall hanging. Regarding art realism, it’s simply a way of improving our ability to see reality clearly and thus improving our ability to communicate and function better. The seeing process is seeing reality on its multi-levels. Abstract thinking facilitates that seeing process. When realistic artists reject abstract art, they limit the very source of rational thinking and imagination. Sensations convert inert clay into vibrant forms. Like a peaceful resolution of opposites, energy is generated by the primordial attraction of polarities. Three-dimensional ‘forms in space’ march forth through the fourth dimension of ‘time,’ advancing, striving, hoping that, beyond the mundane, something new is revealed. Merging concepts which span the chasm between structure and sensual form, abstraction and reality come together and bond. Like electrons moving at the speed of light around a nucleus, like the slow orbit of planets revolving around their sun, a mysterious orderliness takes shape. An energy dances in cosmic rhythm of the mind, coming out, stretching, and declaring a meaning of its own. Waves of passion mysteriously and spontaneously imbue and pass through the artist’s hands, transforming static clay into a fluid metaphor.

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