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Shakespeare Series Gallery by Sculptor Barry Woods Johnston

An abiding love of Shakespeare has been flowering in Johnston’s studio into a five-sculpture grouping called Shakespeare's Court. This present collection introduces an enchanting fourth sculpture for the grouping of two tragedy figures (King Lear and Hamlet), two comedy figures (Puck and perhaps Falstaff), and ... centerpiece, First Kiss (Romeo and Juliet). Steve Mirabella, Art Critic
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"King Lear", 1985 Life-size Bronze 
In his madness, staggers through a raging storm, his cape flying wildly in the wind, capturing that moment when, having rejected his loving daughter Cornelia, tragically realizes the consequences of his foolish alliance with his conniving older daughters.
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"First Kiss" (also "Romeo & Juliet II) 2000 Life-size Bronze 
Here we see a tender moment between the ill-fated young lovers as they overcome the family prejudice with their tender feelings for one another.  They look like two dancers, each one separate yet fully responsive to the other, in a graceful ballet.
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"Hamlet", 1985 Life-size Bronze 
This noble and tragic prince looks at the ghost of his father, about to unfurl his sword, while pointing back to the murderer of his father, his uncle, the king of Denmark. He is a very contemporary character, vexed, perplexed in the struggle for survival in our very complicated modern world.
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"Puck", 1985 Life-size Bronze 
A mischievous but friendly fairy character in Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream.


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"Court Jester", 2012 Life-size plater to bronze 
This figure, as part of the Shakespeare series, abrupt twists his body as if chasing his own tail. 
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