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Marbles Gallery by Sculptor Barry Woods Johnston

A sculptor of philosophical bent and deep feelings, he is also a conscientious craftsman dedicated to workmanship worthy of his early training. Johnstonís oeuvre has been described in terms of lovingly rendered details of gesture and pose dominated by architectural design and a liquid sense of line.  - Steve Mirabella, Art Critic
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"Joy of Discovery", 1978-80  6' x 6' Bronze 
One of a kind.  Life sized grouping of a young couple with four children. The oldest son looks with hope to the father and the mother guides the gaze of a daughter. 
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"Odyneic" Life Size Portrait  

Private commission

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"Calm Place", 1976   12"x 17"x  32" Marble
The comforting bond of a mother in repose with her newborn child on her stomach. Unlike most artwork in which the mother is shown holding the child in her arms, this shows the mother and child in a complete state of rest, becoming as one.
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"Wailing Wall", 1984 12"x 19"x 23" Marble 
One of a kind.  A mourning figure in profound grief fuses into a solid wall of his own despair. 


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"Gretel's Dream", 1983 23" Marble 
Profound inner feelings and connectedness are suggested by the continuous unbroken contour of an embrace between mother and child. Tranquil, this piece shows the artist's distinctively energetic handling of forms. 
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