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Collector's Choice Gallery by Sculptor Barry Woods Johnston

The mind of Barry Woods Johnston ranges from the secular to the sacred. There seems no area of intellectual inquiry too difficult for the possibility of sculptural exploration. - Steve Mirabella, Art critic
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"Future Prince", 2000  Bronze, 26"x 29"x 24", Edition 20

A young girl holds a frog up to her amused father, conceived to be a portrait of Jim Henson. They sit on an Art Nouveau park bench entwined in an array of dancing ivy vines.

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"Wedlock", 1978-80 19' x 6' Bronze 

Conceived vertically, accentuating the lofty entrance of Lafayette Center, in Washington, D.C., creating alignment and unity. At the core, a merger of extended arms create a broad embrace, transferring energy inward and outward. The female, although physically supporting the male, is effortlessness, as if the two are floating in space.

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"Dancer", 1985 28" x 36" x 9" Bronze 

One of a series of female dancers and ballerinas. A fun piece, her playful informality expresses an abandoned freedom full of exuberance and life.

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"Comforter", 1975 38.25" x 19" x 17" Bronze 
A soul-searching commemoration of the artist's sister, Sharon Johnston, who died in a plane accident. The angelic figure comforts the grieving male. A parabolic line soars from the heart of the male, transforming into the wings of the hovering angel.
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"Bather", 1988 47" Bronze 
A fountain spraying water out of the hair of a sun goddess, who flings her hair out of the ocean with sensual vigor as she raises her face to the heavens.


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"King Lear", 1985 25" x 26" x 13" Bronze 
In his madness, he staggers through a raging storm, his cape flying wildly in the wind. This piece captures that moment when, having rejected his loving daughter Cornelia, the king tragically realizes the consequences of his foolish alliance with his conniving older daughters.
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"Dolphin Boys", 1995 17" x 16" x 7.5" Bronze 
Playfully living out their fantasy, these boys ride the magnificent energy of dolphins under the loving care of their mother.


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"Ballerina", 1988 Life size Bronze 
Fully extended in a forward lunge, this ballerina was inspired by an instantaneous moment seen several years earlier performed in the Broadway production, "Dance". The gesture, strong from every view, won "Best in the Show" in the 1990 National Arts Club Annual.
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"Celebration", 1982 52" Bronze 
An asymmetrical composition, is a playful arrangement of eight uplifting figures, all praising the gift of life. The work combines exuberant energy, abstract form, and realism, expressing the dynamic interrelationship possible between individuals, couples, and the group.
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"Dance of Life", 1998 19" Bronze 
Although compositionally very similar to Celebration, most of these figures are clothed and posed in various dance positions. 
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"Faith, Hope, and Love", 2002 6' Bronze 
The "Faith, Hope, and Love" concept is as lofty as any to which one can aspire. Based on the apostle Paul’s 1st letter to the Corinthians, in the light of these great aspiration, we are reminded that we "see through a glass darkly." We bring to our world our own petty issues, which to those who aspire, are mirrored against the very lofty aspirations of faith, hope, and love.
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"Tree of Life", 1986 20.5" x 12.5" x 4.75" Silver and Bronze 
Symbolizing the rich contributions made by the Jewish people following the Holocaust. The contorted figures of the gate are united by the center figures of Adam and Eve whose seed flowers into the fourteen scholarly disciples, the arching fruits of the tree of life. The branches radiate out from a central rabbinic figure who is reading the Torah to a child.
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"DNA Maypole", 1995 39" x 12" x 12" Bronze 
Suggesting a parallel between the double helix of a DNA and the spiraling Maypole as a fertility symbol. The descending couple joins hands and reaches down into the upward spiraling genetic pool of children.


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"Whipping up Spring", 1997   21.5" x 16" x 13" Bronze 
Capturing the abandoned frenzy and merriment of a folk dance. The Three Graces swirl around in circles, creating a colorful tornado of flowers.
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"Romeo and Juliet", 1986 39" x 13" x 13" Bronze 
Bound in a moment of ecstasy. Woven abstract forms bind the figures in rhythmic unity while the theme hints at the perils of romantic love.
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"The Wooer, 2003 16½"x 15"x 6½" Bronze 
The simplest of gesture, these hands of lover offer up, as a gesture of tender affection, a single rose.


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