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Portraits Gallery by Sculptor Barry Woods Johnston

Barry Woods Johnston achieves sculptural eloquence through lovingly rendered details, painstaking design and compositional flow, but his skill is such that we simply enter and become a part of his achievement. So effortless seems the sculptor’s artistry that technique never intrudes to spoil our appreciation. - Steve Mirabella, Art Critic
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"Margrave" Life Size Portrait 

Mr. Margrave -- a musical genius who played 20 instruments, was director of the Washington Musical Institute, formerly conducted the Arlington Symphony, and was the music critic with the Washington Star and Post new papers for 22 years -- was a great friend of the artist.  The two met several times a month for many years performing chamber music of Beethoven, Fauré, Mendelssohn, Mozart, to name a few.

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"Odyneic" Life Size Portrait  

This bust, commissioned by Mrs. Odyneic's husband, captures the intense passion which is not only inherent in her Italian roots, but evident in her love for her family.

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"Senator Sparkman" Life Size Portrait  

Commissioned by the City of Hartsville, this bust honors the Senator who was born in that small Alabama town and went on to become Alabama's senior Senator in the U.S. Congress.

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"Hai Ou" Life Size Portrait 

This imaginative bust captures the vibrant creative spirit of Hai Ou who, along with her husband, have been great friends of the artist for many years.  Hai Ou, a very fine artist in her own right, has introduced China to Barry and encouraged several trips to that country.  The bust was commissioned by Hai Ou's husband, Henry DeValle.

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"Bob Reich" Charcoal Drawing 
This portrait, commissioned by his family, was of a man who loved restoring antiques.
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"Bowser" Life Size Portrait 

The International Humanitarian award Committee presented this bust to Mr. Bowser on January 21, 1999 for his work as a civil rights lawyer during the Civil Rights movement of the 60's, for his work as Deputy Mayor of Philadelphia between 1967 -69, for his work as Executive Director of the Philadelphia Anti-Poverty Action Committee, and many other notable achievements.  The bust captures Mr. Bowser's spirit of social activism.

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"Gil" Life Size Portrait 
Commissioned by his family, Gil Guillory posed for this piece at the age of 98.  A man who roared like a lion but, with a gentle spirit, still charms the ladies and is a viable contributor to the quality of life of his family.
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"Judy Tolley" Life Size Portrait 
Commissioned by her family, Judy was an aspiring painter.
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"Goldstein" Maquette Portrait 
This maquette captures a likeness of the former Comptoller of Maryland, Louis Goldstein. The figure is seen standing on a safe like pedestal, passing out a coin which was a favorite pastime.
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"Abraham Lincoln" Maquette Portrait 
This maquette was proposed to be placed on the classical steps of a burned out church located in the heart of a run down neighborhood of downtown Newark, New Jersey. The location, which was once the location for a speech make by Lincoln, was selected in hopes of addressing the issues of the kids and parents of the neighborhood.
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"Dr. Soltaul" Life Size Portrait 
This bust was commissioned by Covenant College in Tennessee. Dr. Soltau, a minister, served for many years as a missionary in Korea. He then became a family councilor and advisor to the College.
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"Father Healy" Life Size Portrait 
This bust was commissioned by Georgetown University. Father Healy was the President of Georgetown University and later became the head of the New York Library.
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