Barry Woods Johnston

- Orpheus and the Underworld - Bronze Sculpture by Barry Johnston

 Orpheus and the Underworld

Bronze, 30"x 32"x 8", Edition 20

Here we see the tragic moment when Orpheus, unable to abide by the single term of her release, turns to reassure himself that Eurydice has followed him out of the Underworld, and instead sees Hades pulls her back into his realm forever.  Orpheus, once the happy carefree god of music, is seen with his flute in his hand, but his face is full of anguish, as he looks upon Eurydice for the last time. 

Orpheus lamented with such great despair that the women of Thrace, in their annual festive frenzy chopped him into little pieces.  Since Orpheus was a god and therefore immortal, he wasn't killed; that's the reason that music is in the air, in case you didnít know.

Orpheus and the Underworld, 1998
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