Barry Woods Johnston

- Olympia Orchestra - Bronze Sculpture by Barry Johnston

Olympia Orchestra

8"x 54", To be cast in bronze

Orpheus, in the center, the greatest poet and musician ever lived, conducts the orchestra.   From the left center, Zeus the main God of Olympus plays on the drum with his lightning. Pan was well known as a musician, plays his double flute. Although he was well known for another ability, he could scream so strong that it terrified everybody. Linus plays a string instrument. Four forest nymphs are playing the trumpets. Hymen, son of Calliope, the God of the Wedding Feast, plays the tambourine. From the right center, Hera Zeusís wife, plays drums. Marsyas, the satire, plays the flute thrown away by Athene. Artemis Apolloís twin sister. She plays harp. Poseidon the ruler of the sea, Zeusís brother, plays the horn. Four sirens are playing the trumpets. Eurydice, Orpheusís wife, plays the cymbals.

Olympia Orchestra, 2004
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