How to Purchase a Sculpture Created by Barry Woods Johnston

1) To inquire about the price of a given sculpture, please contact SculptureWorks, Inc. at 1-410-448-1945.

2) To purchase an artwork, call SculptureWorks, Inc., directly using the above 1-410 448-1945.  To place an order, you must guarantee payment for the artwork in full.  The art will be immediately shipped to your address according to your instructions.  If you have email capability, a Receipt of Order, including order # and shipping information, will be emailed to you as proof of purchase.  The Receipt of Order will include the Terms of Agreement.

3) The Terms of Agreement are as follows:  Upon receiving your sculpture, you will have 10 days to reconsider. If you decide to return the work, just ship it back to SculptureWorks, Inc., fully insured; and, upon receiving the sculpture, your full payment for the price of the sculpture will be returned to you, minus all shipping cost born by SculptureWorks, Inc., for shipping the work to and from your address. When you keep the artwork, SculptureWorks, Inc., will pay for the shipping. When you return the artwork, you are required to pay all shipping cost.  In order to accurately reimburse your account, please include proof of your shipping cost and proof that the work was fully insured. You may also return the piece COD but fully insured.

Bronze Sculptures, Figurative Art Bronze Sculptors

Barry Woods Johnston, Sculptor


Baltimore, Maryland

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