Barry Woods Johnston

Everyman - Bronze sculpture by Barry Johnston


(also named the Poet, Prophet, Philosopher )

1987, Bronze, 39"x16"x 14", Edition 8

Expresses the isolation and detachment from emotional and material ties often necessary in order to reach intellectual clarity. The thinker is a philosopher. The biggest mystery today is Who are we really? Art is about our feelings. If Plato's philosopher as truth seeker must subjugate emotionalism, what answers does he have for today s need to find a balance between intellectual and emotional issues? How do we rationalize in today s world of science the artist s concern for expressive feelings? If Plato's philosopher must kill the illusions of worldliness to open a pathway to enlightenment, is today's artist also able to find truth by being emotionally honest?  Can an artist make a valid contribution today?

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