Barry Woods Johnston

Mandala - Bronze sculpture by Barry Johnston


1975, Bronze 50" high, Edition 8

The word Mandala, originating in ancient Sanskrit, means a circular motif with a central figure usually used for religious adoration. This piece was inspired by a number of influences. The artist once considered using the name E =mC˛, as a metaphysical interpretation of Einstein's formula for the Theory of Relativity.  Elohim, the ancient Hebrew term for judgmental God, is seen as equal to mass (matter, material, or mankind) times the Christ, the light of the world, both in death and resurrection. Facing one side of the sculpture, the Christ figure is shown reaching out toward a circle of adoring believers. The opposite view shows Christ being crucified. The two figures, back to back, represent a transferal of energy while both hover over the crushed heads of serpents.

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